R8DER is a performance organisation from the fans, devotees and aficionados of the motorcycle world, from the small bike owner hustling the streets every day to the weekend warrior on large cruisers. R8DER is about bringing the cream of the motorcycle industry by getting the best designers, workshops, riders and fans together through a series of competitions, events and roadshows, creating an ecosystem of state-of-the-art designs and top-notch performance.

Grit was what warriors, soldiers and leaders of the past needed to survive. Today it’s what innovators, entrepreneurs and athletes need to thrive. Modern society comfort and convenience have almost destroyed this virtue that all men once had to just survive each life-threatening day. R8DER propagates ‘pushing-the-limits’ and ‘never-give-up’ attitude that propels one into greatness.

As the motorcycle industry evolves, it demands more participation in design, engineering, modification and customisation, right up to lifestyle and culture aspects of motorcycle. Individual tastes, variation of performances and selective upgrades are driving the new breed of riders as well as designers.

This is the new future of the motor world. And R8DER aims to provide the platform for those with grit and the discipline, who possess nerves of steel and of brilliant minds to participate and take charge of this new world.

R8DER is bringing to light hidden talents that will revitalise the motoring ecosystem, to have purpose built into designs, performance shaped onto creations and a constant redefining of perfect machines.

Every rider yearns more out of his machine. We want it to stand out and be different, to carry what we believe; in what we stand and fight for.


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